Only I Can Save You

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"Endearingly quirky and utterly charming, Only I Can Save You is a delight through and through..."  READ MORE

Americana UK 07.02.06

"San Franciscan Stadtman has a way with melody, at times recalling Scritti Polliti’s Green, both in songwriting and vocals..." READ MORE

Night Times 02.19.06

"There is an electronic bent that may jar with its programmed rhythms and sounds but the sharp ‘new wave’ (think: Elvis Costello, Squeeze, XTC) songs tend to make Only I Can Save You pretty much relevant (and hip) for the current modern pop scenesters..." READ MORE

The Fevered Brain of RadioMike 01.09.06

"Todd Stadtman is another one of those rare alternative pop purveyors.  Rare because there are so many but so few that do it so well..."  READ MORE

Splendid Ezine 11.15.05

"His aesthetics are as alluring as can be: sleek, hypermodern clicks and whistles float around in classic Anglophile pop arrangements, buoyed by sticky vocal melodies. It's like Arthur Lee trapped in an IKEA showroom, or The Junior Boys waking up on Ray Davies's village green..."  READ MORE

Turquoise Days 09.13.05

"All these releases combine Stadtman's love of electro-pop with a blend of bookish lyricism placing him firmly in the Edwyn Collins and lloyd Cole camp with vocals that remind me of Elvis Costello around the time of his 'Imperial Bedroom' album..."  READ MORE

Jersey Beat (Issue #77) 08.05

"If you're someone interested in musical manipulation, then run out to get this.  If you wanna hear some real (non-synthetic) music, be forwarned.  Oh, and if you're interested at all, I am not a fan of Moby's work for the same reason..."  READ MORE

Music Shopper 07.27.05

"Stadtman will soon have legions of adoring fans and I’ve no doubt I’ll look rather silly for writing this review..."  READ MORE

The Witness Exchange 07.03.05

"Great lyrics, great hook and just a little bit of necessary grit makes for a damn fine download..."  READ MORE

Indoor Fireworks 06.13.05

"Stadtman's music posesses something that is a rarity in modern pop nowadays: instant accessibility & solid songwriting..." READ MORE

Mystery and Misery 06.07.05

"Can’t get the nerve to stop listening to all of those Lloyd Cole, The The, Elvis Costello, and Edwyn Collins albums? Then you must give Todd Stadtman a try..." READ MORE

The Big Takeover (Issue #56) 06.05

"The LP gains strength as it progresses, but there are likable gems strewn throughout..." READ MORE

Left Off The Dial 05.09.05

"Todd Stadtman’s Only I Can Save You is almost quirky to a fault..." READ MORE

Neo-zine 05.01.05

"Yea, it’s the beep, bleeps, whirrs, humms, bells and whistles that got me through this CD long enough to discover that I wasn’t as opposed to it as I thought that I might be..."  READ MORE

Is This Music? (Issue #15) 04.05

"Todd Stadtman classes his work  as "futurist bubblegum", but it seems that he may have oversimplified and underestimated himself..." READ MORE

Aquarius Records (Selected New Arrivals) 4.30.05

"What's that breezy '80s vibe tickling your ears? Might it be Todd Stadtman's debut album Only I Can Save You?..." READ MORE

Under The Volcano (Issue #84) 3.05

"This dude reminds me of a more flamboyant Bowie, a more feminine Prince, and everyone of that genre of solo artist amplified by 10.  Don't get me wrong, that's a beautiful thing..." READ MORE 1.26.05

"An album composed of 12 cuts in which eclectic sounds are mixed, passing from pop to the hardest rock guitar licks, to return to the calm of the crooner and of the solitary author who searches for his path amid the incomprehension of the world that surrounds him..." READ MORE

Salt Lake City Weekly 01.13.05

"Todd Stadtman’s whiny, shallow yuppie yearnings backed by bright adult-pop music sounds like it was thrown together by a third-grader for a summer camp project, recorded on a Casio and mixed on a boom box..." READ MORE 12.27.04

"Cloaked in the bubblegum wrapper of Stadtman's pop is an unique genius that's as eclectic as Japanese culture where this album no doubt would explode from Tokyo's plushest stereos..." READ MORE



Indieville 6.29.03

"Principle songwriter Todd Stadtman has a sheer talent for his craft - "A Popular Girl," for example, takes a simple XTC-like song structure and converts it into an adorable pop tune that basks in melody as well as originality..." READ MORE

 Left Off The Dial 6.02.03

"...I can think of a lot of artists that could benefit from some of the instrumental song-crafting skills that Zikzak's Todd Stadtman displays on this album ..."   READ MORE

Zikzak: Anna Li / I Lose the Tiny Man 7"

Bliss Aquamarine 05.24.05

"Having a much fuller sound than may be expected of a two-piece band, Zikzak play great pop music..." READ MORE

Splendid E-zine 02.26.01

"Zikzak's latest 7" is kind of like a mini-sampler. You'll find that "I Lose the Tiny Man" is a bizarre concoction of the vocal
and lyrical eccentricities of They Might Be Giants and the off-kilter musical melodies of The Pogues in their heyday..." READ MORE

Zikzak: See You There

All Music Guide

"On See You There, Zikzak offers its unique style of pop songs..." READ MORE

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 6.15.01

"Stadtman croons post-modern, Prada-issue pop songs in a voice that recalls a young Bryan Ferry." READ MORE

Speck Magazine Issue 7

"it's pure intellectual pop for the bookish crowd. Backpackers take notice. Fine and dandy set of tunes here..." READ MORE

aB Magazine 5.01

"In San Francisco there lives, hidden from the high lights, a genius of timeless pop who deserves much more praise than he has received.  His name is Todd Stadtman. ..." READ MORE

Otoño  Cheyenne Summer 2001

"This is definitely a great pop group, well-developed and unique..." READ MORE

Realmusic 1.01 

"Der US-amerikanische Schmachtsänger Todd Stadtman vergleicht sich mit COSTELLO oder gar SINATRA. HA!..." READ MORE

The Big Take-Over  Fall 2000 

"DAVID RUBINSTEIN and TODD STADTMAN create lush, full-bodied guitar-pop reminiscent of all those early-80s new romantic groups, enhanced with the crisp, clear production technology of today. " READ MORE

The Power of Pop 9.20.00 

"Zikzak - duo Todd Stadtman (vocals) and David Rubinstein (instrumentation) - certainly copped their template from the early 80s Brit-pop bands..." READ MORE

Jockrock 9.01.00 

"... it's just some bloke singing over a strummy guitar - but somehow, in all the apparent ordinariness, something special emerges ..." READ MORE

Ettnollett  July 2000 

"See You There är en sån där cd-skiva som hittat till ettnollett på ett förunderligt sätt. Jag Blir förvånad varje gång små
guldkorn dimper ner i brevinkastet..." READ MORE

Splendid 5.18.00

"This is great pop music: lush, weird, pretty and sad. Check it out." READ MORE

National Jetbunny  Magazine 5.18.00

"One of the most important things they've gleaned from yesterday, something that everyone seems to have missed: hooks in the melody, instead of a guitar riff, bass pull-off, or even worse, a three chord anthem, can be very effective in making you remember a song and still LIKE it..." READ MORE

Altarnative 5.15.00

"Pop nowadays seems to be a dying breed. But bands like Zikzak (David Rubinstein and Todd Stadtman) are upcoming prospects that may help keep it afloat." READ MORE

181.4 Degrees from the Norm!  4.12.00

" of the best pure-pop albums I've heard in a long time..." READ MORE

Tidal Wave Magazine 4.9.00

"... it's an infrequent joy to find a band of this stature lurking on the edges of obscurity..."   READ MORE

QRD 4.1.00

"Half Moody pop & half modern indie rock (the kind with piano)..." READ MORE

Shake It Up  3.15.00

"The cool crooning sounds of Zikzak are on full display on the full-length See You There CD..." READ MORE

Tampa Weekly Planet/JAM - 2.10.00 - 2.23.00

"This debut album is dripping with melodrama and hooks, loud-soft-loud dynamic and smokin' guitar, with the occasional trip-hop beat spotlighting Todd Stadtman's and David Rubinstein's love for the Jackson-and-Costello axis of clever pop..."   READ MORE

Ettnollett Interview

Click here to read an English Transcript of an interview from Sweden's Ettnollett magazine with Todd Stadtman and David Rubinstein of Zikzak.

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