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Todd Stadtman on ••
Todd Stadtman on ••


Over the past months I've had some people inquiring about when I was going to repost "Rani Rani", a demo that I made available on MySpace quite a while back. Well, I've finally gotten around to it -- and in the process of unearthing the track I found an alternate mix which I think is a lot sharper than the one I made available the first time around. "Rani Rani" will be available as a free download from my MySpace profile indefinitely, so please enjoy!


Happy New Year, Y'all.  Although 2007 was a great year for me, my musical activities didn't end up taking as much precedence as might have been expected at the year's outset.  I did do a lot of other cool stuff, though - including get married - so don't think I've just been lolling around the floor of some dingy apartment in a sea of spent potato vodka bottles.  (That was just May... and I'm much better now, thank you.)  In fact, despite keeping my muse trapped in the closet like R. Kelly for much of the year, I still somehow managed to record a surprising number of laughably crude home demos.  Believe me, it took a lot of wrestling with my own perfectionism, but I've now decided to share some of those demos with the world.  The first one, of a song called  "Not Mad At You", can now be downloaded gratis from my MySpace page, with more to follow.  (I'll also get around to reposting the demo of "Rani Rani", which a lot of you seemed to enjoy quite a bit when I made it available early in '07.)  Check it out.  And let's keep in touch.


Thanks to Daniel for featuring my music in his podcast The SoupyGato Show.


“Mouth in My Eye”, the unreleased track that I previewed on MySpace a while back, is now available for download from this very site (see below) and from MySpace.  I’ve also made a streaming version of the entire song available on my MySpace profile so that you can check it out before pulling the trigger.  Not just this song, but every song from my recorded catalog can now be downloaded directly from yours truly through the magic of Snocap. (Sean Fanning, you magnificent bastard!)  This includes every track from both my “Anxotica” and “Only I Can Save You” albums, as well as the Zikzak album.  All are high quality mp3s sold at a reasonable price – and the preview function allows you to listen to a good–sized sample of each song before buying.  I hope all of you will take the time to check out the selection, grab some tunes, and toss a couple of coppers in my tin.



Thanks to Jeffrey Thames for featuring my music on Sound Awake, his weekly show on Houston's KPFT FM.


The long lost Zikzak video has turned up on YouTube:

Okay, seeing as we're barely in it, maybe it's not so much a video as it's a short film based on the  song "Anna Li".  Still, if you look closely, you'll see me pop up here and there.  (Directed by David Kerin and Corey LeChat)


Thanks to the UK's Gabor Kovacs for including my music in the latest edition of his Electrical Language podcast.


It's a sad fact that, despite my best song-writing efforts, the songs most requested when I do my infrequent live performances are my cover versions of "Barbie Girl" and "Creep" (no, not the Radiohead song).  Given that this year I've, um, increased the infrequency of those live performances, I realize that the only way you'll get to hear me doing renditions of pop hits of the 90s is if I make recordings of them available to you.  And so I give you "Creep" .  This track is available as a free download only, exclusively from this site.  You can download it here.


This week marks the debut of downloads of my music sold directly from this site.  To start things off, I'm offering a download of my entire album "Only I Can Save You" for a mere $5.00.  I'm only planning to offer this for a limited time, so if you haven't purchased the album already - and would like to - now would be a good time to head to my buy page and do so.  I'm processing my downloads through E-Junkie, which is integrated with Paypal, so you can make your credit card payments secure in the knowledge that I won't be financing my rampant import dvd habit with your Visa card. 


I'm previewing yet another brand new song on MySpace - and this time offering a free download of the track, as well.  It's a demo version of the song "Rani Rani" which, in its completed form, will be making an appearance on the upcoming EP.  Check it out here, and if you'd like, feel free to drop me an email or MySpace comment to let me know what you think.  I'd love to hear from you!


For a limited time I'm streaming a brand new, unreleased track on my MySpace page - a song called "Mouth In My Eye", which is to be included on the as-yet-unnamed EP that I'm currently working on.  The song was co produced by Dan Wool and engineered by Dan at his studio here in SF.  Check it out here and, if you're so inclined, drop me an email or MySpace comment to let me know what you think.


Thanks to Joel at music blog 4F for posting the free download of "I'm Good".  Be sure to stop by and avail yourself of my (and his) generosity - if you haven't already.


A free download of “I’m Good” - a track from my album “Only I Can Save You” - has just been made available through Danish music blog Hits In The Car.  (Thanks, Stytzer.)  Enjoy!


"Only I Can Save You" continues to make friends on your radio broadcasting dial, with Hartford, Connecticut's WWUH being the latest station to add the disc to their playlist. 

Meanwhile, those loveable pop purists at Not Lame Records have just added Zikzak's "See You There" to their catalog - along with a few very flattering words on the subject.  I also need to throw a big thanks in Not Lame's direction for including "Come Undone" - a track from "Only I Can Save You" - in their most recent podcast.

Lastly, I've now got a page on Tagworld set up - with an alternate selection of tunes to what you'll find on my MySpace page.  You can check it out here.


And thanks to Stytzer from music blog Hits In The Car for linking to the MySpace download of  "I Don't Know Why She's Here".  I knew there was a reason I hit that "add" button.


Big thanks to Stacy at webzine Babble and Beat for her kind words regarding "Only I Can Save You".  (Check it out here.)


I've finally got my artist page properly tricked out so you can now sample - and view statistics for - all of the tracks from both "Only I Can Save You" and "Anxotica".


I'm pleased to report that those peerless purveyors of perfect pop Not Lame Recordings are now prominently featuring "Only I Can Save You" in their catalog.  All alliteration aside, Not Lame is home to an outstanding, hand-picked selection of great indie pop and melodic rock - and they called me a genius, which goes a long way with me.


Photographer Erik Auerbach took some shots of me in SF's Chinatown during the New Years celebration back in January, some of which I've just made available for viewing in the gallery section of this site (along with some older pics that I just got around to adding).



Thanks to St. Louis' Night Times for their short but sweet review of "Only I Can Save You".


The All Music Guide has weighed in with a glowing, four-plus star review of “Only I Can Save You”.  Says the AMG: “Endearingly quirky and utterly charming, Only I Can Save You is a delight through and through.”  Read the full review here.


Live 365’s RadioMike is the latest internet radio station to feature "Only I Can Save You”.  RadioMike himself (by way of his website) says, “Todd Stadtman is another one of those rare alternative pop purveyors.  Rare because there are so many but so few that do it so well.  And Todd does it really well.  He does it so well we just may have to revisit his music a few times more when we have the time”.  Hey, I like you, too!  Tune him in, won’t you?


I've started 2006 true to my resolutions - with a trip to the studio.  I'm working on tracks for a digital EP that I hope to have available for download from this site by Spring.  As with "Only I Can Save You", I'm co-producing with Dan Wool at his Pray For Rain studio here in San Francisco.  I plan to preview some demo versions of the songs on my MySpace page in the coming days/weeks (always good to leave myself a little leeway time-wise with such things), so keep visiting!


I'm a little behind on my holiday shopping this year - so, rather than giving each of you an individual present, I've made all of the songs on my MySpace page available as downloads through Dec. 25.  Okay, I admit that, as a gift, it's comparable to giving someone a portrait of yourself  - but it beats fruitcake, right?


A belated thanks to all who attended last Friday's Cherry Bar Show.  My friend Hung Phan took a couple of pictures of the event, one of which is reproduced below.  From it you can see that I'm no longer sporting the "G.I. Joe With Kung Fu Grip" hair cut.


Live 365 internet radio station *** BUZZ *** has just added my track "I'm Good" to their playlist.  It's high time that "I'm Good" got some love.  I consider it the one track on "Only I Can Save You" that really separates the men from the boys, as it were (for instance, The Big Takeover calls it "a likeable gem", while the UK mag Is This Music? says it "never fails to abrade").  Why not tune into this fine station, make a request and check it out for yourself?


In his lead article in today's Salon, my pal Andrew O'Hehir kindly name-checks me and paints a nostalgic (and accurate, IMHO) portrait of our shared bohemian youth in San Francisco.


A free streaming audio version of "Come Undone" - a track from "Only I Can Save You" - is now available on my myspace page.


Many thanks to Steve at the blog Turquoise Days for posting my music - and for his lovely comments regarding same.

"Only I Can Save You" can now be heard on Live 365's WhatsAlternative Radio.  Give a listen, won't you?


It's occurred to me that I haven't posted anything here in a while. Sorry if I've stirred up anyone's abandonment issues.  It's just that I've been preoccupied with recording demos of a bunch of new songs I've written.  My plan for these songs (as of this writing, at least) is to put them on an EP for release around the turn of the year.  Perhaps a download-only deal?  I'll keep y'all posted. 


Rebecca Vernon at The Salt Lake City Weekly finally has some company; Martin Drury, writer for a UK site called Music Shopper, has courageously struck a blow against "Only I Can Save You" and its perceived not-so-goodness.  Now, I don't have to post what Martin said on these pages, but I don't want to disappoint Dodge at My Old Kentucky Blog, who has already given me public props for my "warts and all" reviews policy, so here it is.  Interestingly, Marty closes his review by saying that "people are going to love this music" - generously absolving the human race in whole or part of responsibility for his opinions.  (He also seems to be saying that the disc is indicative of the sorry state of British music, which - well, I just don't know what to do with that.)


Big thanks to the UK's DJ Sprite for including me in his podcast, The Pocket Essential #4, available at


"Only I Can Save You" can now be heard on WRCT, Carnegie Mellon U's station in Pittsburgh, PA.  You can stream the station live from their site, so please feel free to request yours truly, no matter how far from steeltown you may be.


Music blog The Witness Exchange has just posted an mp3 of "The Clock In My Heart" along with some very kind words: "Great lyrics, great hook and just a little bit of necessary grit makes for a damn fine download", says TWE.  Check it out, won't you?

In other news, "Only I Can Save You" can now be heard on New York's mighty WFMU.  Those of you not in the New York area can listen to the station via their website - so please make a request, if you're so inclined.


Oops!  Somehow I missed Skiprat's post about me on UK music blog In A Scummy Place way back on June 6. 


Big thanks to Joel at music blog 4F for featuring my songs, and to Matt at Illumination Audio for including me in his 6/18 podcast.  

In just the last three weeks I've had over 6,000 visitors from all over the world to this site and over 3,500 song downloads - largely thanks to the support of members of the blogging and podcasting community like those mentioned above.  Thanks so much, everyone!


Since my song "A Popular Girl" seems to be a popular download these days, I've provided a better quality mp3 of it.  Enjoy.

Big thanks to Me You, We Two, a blog out of Toronto, for linking to "I Don't Know Why She's Here".


Jon Lester's  Lestermix blog and My Old Kentucky Blog have both just posted reviews and mp3s of my songs - "The Clock in My Heart" in Lestermix's case, and both "Clock" and "I Don't Know Why She's Here" in M.O.K.B's case.  Jon is correct in noting that "The Clock in My Heart" is not available on the download page of my site; If you want to download that song, you'll have to go to one of the blog's mentioned here to do so (you'll be glad you did).

Says Dodge at My Old Kentucky Blog, "I like this guy because he puts his bad reviews up on his site along with his good reviews." And it's true!  Go here if you don't believe me.  In fact, why waste time scrolling? Just go straight to this review from The Salt Lake City Weekly if you want something really juicy.

In another day of bloody fighting, I managed to again wrest the top spot on the "What's Hot" list at from upstart challenger Spoon.  In your face, Spoon!  (Nothing personal, guys.  In fact, I'm really looking forward to seeing them play the Filmore next week.)


Scott at Hug Robot Radio really, really likes "The Clock In My Heart", but didn't care for the other tracks I have available for download (oh, well).  This, however, did not prevent Scott from posting links to my tracks on his blog, which I think is right decent of him.  Though I have to accept that I'll never be able to count Scott among my army of admirers, I much appreciate the gesture!

Elsewhere in the blogosphere, blog aggregator had me at  No. 1 on their "What's Hot" list for the second day running - until this afternoon, that is, when I got knocked down to the No. 2 spot by Spoon (bastards).


Alright, alright.  I finally set up a page.  


Between Thought and Expression and Indoor Fireworks are the latest blogs to post and review my music. Please check them out!  Says Indoor Fireworks, "Stadtman's music posesses something that is a rarity in modern pop nowadays: instant accessibility & solid songwriting."

To give you some idea of the kind of traffic I've had in the last week,  the mp3 of "I Don't Know Why She's Here" alone has been downloaded over 550 times.


Brilliant Corners and the UK's Indie Mp3 are the latest music blogs to feature my songs.  Of "I Don't Know Why She's Here", Brilliant Corners says, "an endearing pop song with some bedroom-cooked up bits and pieces making a good song even more interesting, plus it has an ace chorus".

All the recent blog attention has earned me a place in mp3 blog aggregator' "What's Hot" rankings - right up along with Coldplay and Bloc Party.


There've been a ton of downloads from the site over the last couple of days, largely thanks to generous posts about yours truly on the excellent music blogs Mystery and Misery and *Sixeyes.  There were  177 downloads of the "I Don't Know Why She's Here" mp3 yesterday alone.  Thanks guys!


The Big Takeover likes me.  (Read about it here.)


Big thanks to all the guys at Flagass Radio for the great interview last weekend.  For those of you who missed it, I should have a podcast of the interview available in a few weeks.

In the "far  better late than never" department, UK webzine Bliss Aquamarine has just posted a review of Zikzak's "Anna Li" 7 inch. Cheers!  You can read the review on their site, or simply go here.


And speaking of Flagass Radio, they've just posted an article on their website that is essentially a review of my bio (during the course of which they dredge up some ugly incidents from my alternate history).  Read the article here.


Internet station Flagass Radio will be broadcasting a live interview with me on Sunday, May 22 at 9:30 pm EST / 6:30 pm PST. Flagass bases artist airplay on votes from its listeners  - so don't forget to vote for me by going here. Remember: I promise nothing, so you have nothing to lose!


You can tell this writer for Neo-zine really wanted to write a bad review of "Only I Can Save You", but just couldn't bring her/himself to do it. Check the review out here.


Slammin' review of the new album in Scottish glossy Is This Music? Check it out here.


Taste-making indie record store (and personal neighborhood favorite) Aquarius Records has some very kind things to say about "Only I Can Save You" in their latest update.  Now please go to their site and buy everything that they recommend (yes, even the Norwegian death metal).


After that wee delay mentioned earlier, the new album has now been delivered to Rhapsody, Sony Connect and MSN Music and should be available for download from those sites soon - if it isn't already.  I'll let you know of additional download services carrying it as  it becomes available.  In the meantime, it can definitely be had from iTunes.

Internet station Flagass Radio is making me one of their featured artists for May. They'll be doing an interview with me on air some time toward the end of the month.  Watch this space for details.  


Internet radio station KRFC has chosen to feature me as their Artist of the Month.  Go here to listen to their broadcast on


A couple of great places to hear my music on the web are Indie Artist Radio and the colorfully named Flagass Radio.  Indie Artist Radio has a number of tracks from both "Only I Can Save You" and "Anxotica" that you can request.  Flagass, which has been playing the new album, bases artist air time and rotation on audience votes.  You can vote for me here.  Please note that both sites have me under "T" (that would be for "Todd") in their alphabetical artist listings.


"Only I Can Save You" is now available from iTunes.


"I loved it.  It was better than Cats."

Have you seen the ad currently running in Pitchfork?  If not, here it is:


Now obey me, dammit!  (Design by Andrew Nahem, photo by Erik Auerbach)


Add Seattle's fabulous KEXP to the list of stations now playing "Only I Can Save You".   You can listen to them live via their website.


Conquering the airwaves, one station at a time:  The latest  station to put "Only I Can Save You" in rotation is WUSB in Stony Brook, NY.  Those of you in the Long Island area who'd like to call and request the disc - or complain  - should feel free to do so.  In fact, you don't even have to be in the area, since their website allows you to listen to the station over "the internets" - just one more thing to be thankful for in this age of modern miracles.


Punk 'zine Under The Volcano gave "Only I Can Save You" much more love than one might expect given the femmy pop disc that it is.  Thanks, guys!  Read the review here.


An appropriately wary March greeting to all from the King of Cuddlecore (who could possibly have known?).

Lee Thacker of Birmingham, England was kind enough to provide me with a demo of his band Raw Shark's cover of B Team's "What Is This?" that they recorded back in 1996.  An mp3 is available here for anyone who wants to check it out.  Mighty cool.

The roll call of stations where you can hear and request "Only I Can Save You" now includes CIUT in Toronto, KAOS in Olympia, WA, KALX in Berkeley, CA,  KSYM in San Antonio TX, KZMU in Moab, UT, WDIY in Allentown, PA,  CKMS in Waterloo, ON, KKCR/KAQA in Hanalei, HI, WFIT in Melbourne FL, KDNK in Carbondale, CO, KNBA in Anchorage, AK, KRVM in Eugene, OR, and WAWL in Chattanooga, TN.   Call today, won't you?  ...and tell them Todd sent you.


Spanish webzine has published a very nice review of the new album.  Check it out on the reviews page.

There's been a wee bit of a delay in delivering the new album to iTunes, MusicMatch, and the other music download services.  It definitely will be available from all of those sites shortly - so  be patient for heaven's sake!

Lastly, in the "Break glass if in need of consolation" department:  If I ever have reason to feel disconsolate over the sales of any of my current projects, I can find cheer in the exhorbitant prices fetched by my old records on eBay.


Thanks to all who attended the release party at Club Deluxe last Saturday.  Special appreciation goes to Brad Orgeron and my friend Mike Levy of the Sneetches, who joined me on stage for a segment of the show  that one astute audience member called "The Punk Rock Juke Box".  Rigorous and tightly controlled post-event polling has determined that a good time indeed was had by all.

This week the new album made its first forays onto the radio airwaves around the continent.  As of this writing, places we know that you can hear it (and request it, if you so desire) are CIUT in Toronto, KAOS in Olympia, WA and our own KALX in Berkeley, CA.  Three tracks are also available for request online at Indie Artist Radio.


Hope all you Bay Area folks can make it down to Club Deluxe in SF for the cd release next Saturday.  Musicians being the undependable lot that they are, I've found the best way to get certain of my friends to attend is to invite them to play with me, so expect to see a couple of guest artists during the course of my set. Copies of the new cd will be available for sale at the club along with other official Todd Stadman and Todd Stadtman endorsed products.


Happy new year to everyone, especially my friends abroad (yes I google myself, too).  Did I mention that the new album is out?  If you want a somewhat fuzzy hint of what it sounds like, the All Music Guide now has lo-fi sound samples of each track available, as does CD Baby (along with a hi-fi stream of all  tracks - which, now that we're on the subject, I'd recommend over the aforementioned options).   I also offer a free mp3 of the track I Don't Know Why She's Here on this site.  Oh, and, of course, you could always just buy the blessed thing.  If you're keen for a downloadable version, iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster and the whole lot  should have it available within the next couple of weeks.


The new album, "Only I Can Save You", is now available.  To buy it, simply go to the  buy CDs page and follow the link to your preferred point of purchase. CD Baby offers lo-fi sound samples of each track if you want to get a little taste - and the lyrics for those tracks can be found on this very site.

12.27.04 has weighed in with the first advance review of the new album.  I'm pleased.  Check it out on the reviews page.


The new album is now available for pre-order on


A number of The Naked Into's old flyers turn up in Great Rock and Roll Street Art, a recent book compiled by Victor Burleigh featuring old gig posters from the San Francisco scene.  Damn! Never thought I'd see those again.


As promised, here is a link to a Quicktime movie of the Mod's Hair Japanese TV ad I just sang on.  Again, that's me and Dan Wool singing over a track that Dan wrote and produced.  Enjoy.


The new album had its radio debut last night on Berkeley's KALX. Marshall Stax played both "Back to Yourself" and "The Clock In My Heart" on his show The Next Big Thing.  Don't know if Marshall takes requests, but for now his show is the only place you're going to be able to hear the album until January.


Greetings from San Francisco - not yet an independent republic, but now trying harder than ever.  (Sorry everybody.)

In the interest of global relations (and the establishment of bed head as the international language of hair) I recently lent my voice to a Japanese TV commercial for Mod's Hair hair care products, singing along with Dan Wool on a track he wrote and produced exclusively for the ad.  I'm hoping to have a Quicktime clip available for your viewing pleasure in the very near future.

The new cd, Only I Can Save You is still on track for a January 4 release.  I'll be doing a record release show in SF soon after that date.  Keep watching this page for details.