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Try (2.32 mb)

Written by Todd Stadtman, 2002 Todd Stadtman

This is a song I wrote for Mandy Moore back when her people were looking for songs for her new album (she ended up doing an album made up entirely of cover versions, so I guess I can't feel too bad that they passed on it).  It's one I'm proud of, but not one that really fits into the old repretoire at the moment - so I offer it here for your enjoyment / bemusement. A real weepy!

Keeper of the View (4.20 mb)

Written by Todd Stadtman, 1995 Todd Stadtman

A reworking of an older song recorded just before the "Anxotica" sessions in 2001.  Producer James Woody took what had been yet another strummy guitar tune and enveloped it in a warm electronic arrangement.

Talking Through My Mouth (1.74 mb)

Written by Todd Stadtman, 2002 Todd Stadtman

Straight up bubblegum from the Mandy Moore demo.  To be reworked (radically) for the new cd.

Complicated Man (rough) (2.33 mb)

Written by Todd Stadtman, 1999 Todd Stadtman

This is a song recorded during the sessions for "See You There".  We made the decision not to include it on the album before finishing all the tracks - hence this skeletal rendition with solo-less solo section after the second bridge (a golden karaoke opportunity for you at home to make lots of squealy guitar noises - smokin'!).  Anyway, it's got a very catchy melody - and it was lots of fun singing the cheerfully psychotic lyrics.

See Them (rough) (2.33 mb)

Written by Todd Stadtman, 1999 Todd Stadtman

Another outtake from "See You There", dropped before it was completed.  I like how this super minimal version has almost more silence that actual song (is it over...?  Uh, oh no, guess not...  Now...?).  This was originally intended to be the closing song on the album, but once the project took shape, it seemed a little belligerent to close on such a down note.

B Team

These tracks are over twenty years old, but the heavy Gang of Four / Fall influence - one shared with some somewhat fresher faces on the current musical landscape - makes them sound almost contemporary.  Almost.

B Team on MySpace

What is This? (5.16 mb)*

Money to Burn (Live) (1.67 mb)

Man's Best Friend (Live) (852 kb)

I Fall (1.99 mb)*

Songs written by Stadtman, Rubinstein, Baker. 1981, 1982

*Produced by Tom Chancey

Raw Shark

What Is This?  (6.30 mb)

A cover of the old B Team song by  British band Raw Shark, recorded back in 1996.  Thanks to Raw Shark's Lee Thacker for providing this track.

1996 Raw Shark

The Naked Into

What nice songs.  We shoulda MADE IT, man!  Yes, I would have long ago died from my excesses, but it would have made a great "Behind the Music".

Don't Drag Me Down (2.59 mb)*

Selling the Bridge to Your Heart (3.48 mb)**

You Never Get it Right (4 Track demo) (2.83 mb)***

City in a Bottle (1.81 mb)*

Love Factory (2.06 mb)*

Dark Comes Down (6.50 mb)*

Songs written by Stadtman, Rubinstein, Hawkins, Davis 1986, 1987

*Produced by Matt Wallace

**Produced by Tom Mallon

***Produced by Todd Stadtman and David Rubinstein

Eighties Artifacts

Have Me (2.83 mb)

Written by Todd Stadtman, 1989 Todd Stadtman

My Danny Kaye-inspired attempt at being light and whimsical.   Successful?  You be the judge.  This is an early collaboration with Dan and Jimmy of Pray For Rain.   Funny that I waited until the eighties were almost over to do something this synth-heavy.  I've remained very fond of this song - and this recording of it.

An Extraordinary Light (3.34. mb)

Written by Todd Stadtman, 1989 Todd Stadtman

From the same session as the previous track.

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